An initial public offering is a determining landmark for the development of a financially independent corporation. An independent consultation guarantees access to high quality information as to enable that a mandator can make sound decisions. The independent INSTANT IPO team disposes due to 20 years of market experience of a comprehensive competence spectrum, fundamental know-how as well as excellent partners so that innovative approaches can be implemented at any time.

With the knowledge and the experiences from the last 20 years, the INSTANT group has developed marketable concepts and models which can be adapted to the individual situations of the mandators in a fast and cost-effective way. This protects the financial mobility and current legal capacity of entrepreneurs and businesses.

Based on well established contacts with renowned banks, market makers, lawyers and chartered accountants, we can assemble multi-disciplinal teams which can be adapted to the requirements of the concrete situation and allow for a tailor-made solution.

The consultation offered by INSTANT-IPO always focuses on structuring complicated processes related to public offerings as easy as possible by focusing on actual needs and reducing them to an easy, but still individual formula.

With the concentration on the essentials, INSTANT-IPO can considerably reduce the financial and time-related expenditures of a public offering. Based on the need of the business, it is being determined whether an initial public offering, a direct public offering or a shell transaction is the preferential path to operate.