The INSTANT IPO Holding AG is a pure holding in possession of 100% of the shares of the member companies of the INSTANT-Group. The group is a global network of professional businesses in which every member business renders services for the mandators of the INSTANT-Group.

The main business area of the INSTANT-Group are public offerings as well as capital market and Crypto Consulting Services“INSTANT” is the core brand by which the services of the INSTANT-Group are offered.

As an official capital market partner of the stock exchange Düsseldorf, the focus of the INSTANT IPO SE lies on steering public offerings successfully as well as to offer individual and independent capital market consultations.

For over 20 years, a special expertise of the INSTANT-IPO-Consultants has been, next to offering the traditional public offering (IPO) or the direct public offering (DPO), a special reverse takeover transaction (RTO). This alternative path presents companies with substantial advantages regarding time and money.

National and international companies of every branch and size are the mandators of the INSTANT IPO SE. The track record goes from young technology start-ups up to established real-estate businesses.

The shares of the holding are publicly traded via WKN 541840 at the stock exchanges Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart.