The INSTANT GROUP AG was founded in 1999 and has existed for over 20 years. In its current state, the holding company INSTANT GROUP AG is a pure holding company which possesses 100% of the shares of the member businesses. "INSTANT" is the core brand under which the INSTANT - Group offers its services.

The INSTANT-Group is a global network of professional businesses in which every member renders specific services. The main business segment are public offerings and capital market consultations which are directly steered by the INSTANT IPO SE. Other complementary business segments lie in the areas of INSTANT ICO/STO, INSTANT Legal, INSTANT Brand, INSTANT Register, INSTANT Research and INSTANT Domains.

The INSTANT-Group offers high-quality integrated services as a finished product to make sure that our mandators avoid loosing time and money.

Our core values are: Sustainability, efficiency and usefulness.

The shares are publicly traded at the stock exchange via WKN 541840 in Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart.