The INSTANT IPO-Consultants advise mandators in three stages:

  1. planning stage, (PRE): Consultation regarding the planning and strategy of the stock market entry
  2. Stock Market public trading stage (IPO/DPO/RTO): Implementation of the stock market entry
  3. Market entry stage (POST): Support of market entry and compliance with legal stipulations

In the planning stage, all preparatory and structural measures are taken to create the stock market maturity of the corporation (e.g., foundation, fusion, contribution etc.)

Subsequently, the stock market public trading stage focuses on the technical and regulatory conversion of the stock market entry concerning the tradability of the shares (securitization).

The final step, the market entry stage, focuses on fulfilling the requirements of public reporting, i.e. on the transparency and publicity regulations. All required capital market service offers are provided by the INSTANT-IPO to its mandators in the market entry stage: from the supervision of capital measures, the prospectus production aimed at increasing capital, the general assembly organization, the enlargement of listings on other stock market trading places up to the change in other stock market segments.